Tuesday, 11 January 2011

dorset naga seeds planted

Dorset naga seeds taken from last years crop are planted and hopefully will starting to germinate. Last year the Nagas took a couple of months to germinate on the window sill and were very slow growing. This year I thought I'd give them a headstart and start them off nice and early on our heated bathroom floor.

I think I might of killed off all my chilli seeds by overheating them in the drying out process last year, just to be on the safe side I've ordered some more seeds so I don't waste a month or two waiting for dead seeds to germinate.

Seeds I'm going to be attempting to grow this year are as follows:

Rooster Spur
Aji Limo
Orange habanero
Dorset naga
Caldero Jalapeno
Pimiento de padron
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