Sunday, 6 March 2011

Chilli growth update

Rooster spurs
Trinity, Apricots & Dorset Nagas
Padrons, Jalpenos & Aji limo

Chilli growth update.

The padrons and jalpenos are coming on well and are the biggest growers still. The Rooster spurs are still small as are the Trinity, Apricots and Dorset Nagas, that said they are all doing well in their own way, rooster spurs are very small bushy plants anyway (well the ones I've grown have been) and the Trinity, Apricots and Nagas are all quite bushy as opposed to tall plants anyway.
Unfortunatly the Orange habneros are looking like they are struggling to get enough light and heat at the moment and are hardly growing at all. I've never grown these before and I'm thinking they really need a indoor grow light to get them off to a good start, but I will keep on with them and see how they turn out.
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  1. How long do they take to become edible?

  2. these look great, i might try grow some.

  3. The Padrons are picked when they are young so you will get a crop off them all throughout the summer up until as late as November if grown in a tunnel.
    Last year I got 2 crops of Jalapeños too, one when green & then once they fruited again I left them on the plant until they ripened to red.
    The Chinese Hot Chillies tend to be slow growers and as I didn't start mine till late last year (late Feb). It wasn't until November that the fruits had ripened.
    Generally if you pick the fruits the plants will flower again and produce more fruit :)

  4. Thanks, good to know. It seems like you definitely can get your money's worth out of them with constant flowering.