Monday, 25 April 2011

Chilli grow house

Had a busy day today up at the allotment. managed to cut most of the grass using garden shears! made a make-shift grow house for some chillies (Dorset naga's, Trinity & Aji Limo) using the wreck of poly cover from the old poly tunnel. I'm not sure about whether to remove the poly cover and just use some enviromesh as a cover or keep the poly. I was thinking that the poly needs watering as it is pretty much water proof but the mesh doesnt.
Almost right away after covering the frame with the poly the heat inside the frame was toasty so I guess thats a good thing, think I might give this a go as a trial run. Chillies are planted straight into the soil so hopefully if I give them a good watering every week they should be fine.
Will keep you updated on how things turn out.
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  1. nice grow house you got there, seems fragile but weather looks nice

  2. Hope this grows a whole bunch of chilli's! :D