Monday, 11 April 2011

More hours in the day please

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, i've been really busy with work and have only just managed to get up the allotment for the much needed dig over and planting of the spuds and onions. The whole plot now needs a proper tidy up, soon to come. The chillies are doing well on the window sill at the moment and seem to be enjoying the sunshine were having at the moment. Photos to follow of the chillies.
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  1. That was a pretty random video lol and that's going to be one mighty fine garden !

  2. looks like youve been busy - will wait on more pics

  3. HiHi do not understand anything in that video!!

    I wait on my blog!!!

    $upporting BRO!!!

  4. Hmmm...not really sure why the tiling video got on here as that wasn't intended. I've removed it now.
    The garden boundary only goes up to the shed and as far as the last raised bed on the right, the rest is all other peoples allotments on a shared piece of land.