Sunday, 8 May 2011

Bike Tracks











This is my local regular ride I do Its nice and close to home so only a few mins drive. Its just under 10 miles long but its easy to extend it if your not bothered about riding forest fire roads or in sand! I guess its just a loop of the bits I enjoy riding the most.
The trail is mainly made up of natural single track but quite often there are five or six tracks running alongside each other (so there is plenty of scope to get some variety into the ride), some pretty rough washed out gullys along with a small section of forest fire road and quite a few water holes and ponds for the chillidog to cool down in along the way.
Some of these pictures are from todays ride which was clear and sunny with a fairly strong head wind from the SE.
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  1. Yeah she is...she's a little rascal too!

  2. seems like a quiet calm place. nice pics