Wednesday, 18 May 2011

First Padron crop of the year





Harvested the first fruits off the Padron chillie plants last night, not many but if they grow anything like last year there will be plenty more to come over the following months :)

The method for cooking these is really easy. Cover the base of your frying pan with olive oil and heat on high untill it starts to smoke, then put the padrons into the pan and fry them until the skins turn white and blister (a couple of mins), remove peppers onto some kitchen roll to soak up any exess oil, sprinkle with course sea salt, enjoy as a snack/tapas with a cold beer.
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  1. I only like chillies (I have a strong feeling I spelled that wrong) when they're incorporated into food as a spice or side.
    I can't stand them on on their own.
    Makes me a weird Paki. xD

  2. That looks like a good combo, especially the beer!

  3. E' vero, sono buonissimi.. li preparo spesso anche io. Ogni mondo è paese ;)