Monday, 2 May 2011

chilled bike ride.

Been out riding with my dog today, was pretty windy but nice to get out on the bike again as its been a few weeks now. Just having a beer and looking on and thought I'd share this video with you. Check out his other videos if you like it. Some great British trails and riding.


  1. those red bull colas are soooo gross...

  2. Red bull is nasty stuff, tastes like crap, so I'm sure your right about the cola.
    I don't really go in for the energy drinks. IO usually carry water in my camelbak and go home when I'm tired. I might take some bananas, chocolate or oat based cereal bars if I'm out for more than a few hours, but generally I'd plan a stop at a pub for a pint and some crisps if I was going out for any longer than a few hours :)