Saturday, 12 February 2011

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Got out on the bike this morning with the dog, sun was shining as you can see in the pictures above, but was really wet and muddy, great fun. Rode just over 8 miles but was real hard work due to all the mud from the rain we have had recently.
Managed to beat a few of my personal best today, but to be quite honest I've only just started so I'm kind of just setting them up. I've been using a GPS android app called Sportstracklive on my phone that does a great job of tracking your average speeds best times, miles & a whole lot more, It even shows you a replay of the route you done in real time over google maps or you can speed it up.
I'm hoping to really improve my fitness this year as I'm not very fit & I'm finding that I haven't got the strength in my legs to keep pedelling for very long to get that extra speed up when going down hill or hitting any sweet jumps
Made a trip up to the allotment this afternoon with some bits for the compost heap to find my poly tunnel flattened by last weeks gale force winds, absolutely gutted. I now have nearly a hundred orphaned chilli seedlings. Looks like I will be building a D.I.Y style poly tunnel this year, could be a big one if funds allow.


  1. Sure does look nice there, compared to the snow here! Biking is rad, I wish I had the time to get more into it.

  2. Awesome landscape :o Where in UK is that? Hoping to see more great pics from you :)

  3. What a beautiful place to bike. I wish I could do that everyday. It's been dreadfully cold where I live as of lately. Hoping to do more outdoor activities this summer. Thanks for the motivation! :D

  4. @Ghostcereal 1st photo is Looking out over Poole harbour, its on the south coast U.K.

    Its a great area for being outside,Fishing, walking, cycling ect. Only wish there were some mountains to fling myself down nearby as all the runs around here are quite short. Wales isn't too far away tho and there is some really great riding there.

    Thanks all for your comments

  5. Those are some pretty neat pics you took. Beautiful countryside.