Wednesday, 16 February 2011

One Pot Pledge®

Thought I'd post this up for all of the people who follow my blog & have never grown any fruit, veg or even flowers or bulbs.
You might think that you don't have any space to grow any fruit or veg, but all you really need is a warm window sill somewhere in your house.
 I'd (Obviously) recommend growing some chilli plants, if you are stuck for room maybe something like the "Rooster spur" that I'm hopefully going to grow this year or a "Numex twilight", both are small bushy plants that produce alot of small, hot "birds eye" type chillis. The "Numex twilight" has the added bonus of looking pretty too with its purple, orange, red & yellow fruits.
 If your not into chillies then maybe some fresh herbs for cooking or even some salad leaves.

Join the one pot pledge here: One Pot Pledge®



  1. This seems like it will be good in many ways, it will help people learn to grow their own food and encourage them to eat healthier! Looks good!

  2. I wish I had the room to grow anything. Great blog.

  3. We've got quite a big garden and grow a few bits and pieces.

  4. I'm so into gardening, I can't wait for the spring so I can start mine up.

  5. I just started gardening last summer. I love it! Nice blog. :)

  6. Those chilis are so pretty, I'd grow them just to look at!