Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Potting on, new pots

Dorset Nagas

                                                                  Trinity & Apricots

                                                             Padrons, Jalpenos & Aji Limo

The Chilli plants have all been growing well (despite the grey British weather) so I was going to do an update on them today, but this afternoon my potting on pots & trays came in the post so I decided to take some photos of the chilli plants that were big enough to pot on after transplanting them this evening.

The pots are 8mm wide and should be ok size wise for the slow growers untill planting outside, not too shure about the Padrons & the Jalpenos tho' as they are starting to grow nice and quickly now. I shall wait and see.

I was expecting the pots to be really cheap and flimsy but they arn't bad considering I got 108 pots & six pot trays all for under £20. Once all the pots are full & watered the weight is too much for the trays really but as long as you support them while carrying them they are fine, also chillis don't like their roots in water so its good to keep them fairly dry.
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  1. Your chillis are fortunate to have you as their caregiver.

  2. pretty, they look like they require alot of care though

  3. You must have a green thumb. I wish I did. :)

  4. Nice POST!!

    I WaIT ON my BLOG!!!

    $upporting BRO!!!!

  5. It looks like you're making great progress.

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    The chillies pretty much look after themselves really, they just need Light, heat & water. I guess I spend about 10 mins a day at the moment moving them to and from the window sill and watering them.
    Its pretty rewarding growing things as you get to see a whole life cycle of these plants in a year (from seed to seed)

  7. Nice looking chillies.

  8. looks great, but hows the tending process?

  9. cool will be following their growth ;)

  10. Awesome, chili's are pretty good. Hope they come out great.