Monday, 14 February 2011

Chilli powder

This is a great way to store any surplus of chillies. Last Years Dried Chillies (Birds eyes, Jalpeno & Dorset Nagas) Were hung up in our window to dry out & then when totally dry put into a coffee grinder/food processor & blended into a fine powder. Super hot home made home grown chilli powder. store in an air tight container.
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  1. Good idea. I always end up throwing away leftover chillies, might have to try this method out.

  2. I can feel the spice on my tongue just looking at it!

  3. Nice! My girlfriend and I love spicy foods, and my parents grow different types of chilies, and other peppers! I don't know why I never thought of this!

    I'm big into cycling too, btw!

    Following and contributing daily!

    Garage Zoku

  4. love me some Chilli!!


  5. I can smell the Chilli powder from here.

  6. How long can you store up them ?
    I dont want to buy so much chili and all of the surplus went bad .

  7. @ Bulk Up Baba, Well I had mine hanging up drying for a few months in a warm airy place (mine were all threaded together using a sewing needle & thread & hung up in my window)You can also dry them by putting them on a low heat in a fan oven or if you store them in a fridge they should eventually dry out with out going mouldy as long as they again have air circulating around them, ie not all crammed on top of each other.
    Once they are fully dried & kept in a airtight container (spice jar) they should last for years I'd imagine.
    I'll try & find some photos of the chillies hanging to dry & post them up.

  8. Those are some nice looking chillies!

  9. Woa, i love chili! Two years ago i had some chili plants of different quality from different country of the world! It was a great year :D