Friday, 18 February 2011

More Chilli Seedlings

Yesterday I decided that I didn't have enough "Rooster spur" or "Aji Limo" chillies growing so decided to plant some more seeds of those 2 varieties.
9x Rooster Spur
5x Aji Limo

I don't know why I'm planting more seeds as those of you that have been following my blog will know, last week I found a crumpled mess of metal & plastic up the allotment where my old polytunnel used to be as in the storms the week before the wind must have ripped the plasic covering and just took it apart (once the wind gets it its like a big sail), so as of that moment I have nowhere to grow any of my super hots :(
I'm currently looking into costs of building my own polytunnel, but there doesn't seem to be any cheap options at the moment. DIY tunnels seem to use water pipe for the hoops & steel rebar for ground anchors both of which are really expensive as is the poly cover. I have a couple of months to try & get some funds & work out the cheapest options. Of course I will be keeping you all posted on events as they occur.
I also bought some new growing on pots from Dobies that will hopefully be big enough for the chillies until they are ready to be planted out. I got 108 pots with carrie trays for around £20 reviews will follow.

All my Chilli seeds this year are purchased mail order from sea spring seeds here in Dorset. Sea spring seeds developed the super hot chilli "Dorset Naga". If you are thinking of growing your own chillies from seed then I'd highly recommend getting your seeds from sea spring seeds. They have a great variety of chillies from mild to hot to the super hots, they also have some pretty looking chillies (ornamentals) that will brighten up a widow sill, consevertory, greenhouse or patio.
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  1. You must really like chillis! I'd like to see the ornamentals.

  2. Nice post!!!

    I like the blog!!!

    fallowing and supporting bro!!!

  3. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

  4. What sort of light are you using?

  5. I started this blog as a private blog just as a way of tracking my grow year and photos of the progress and growth of each of the different plants.
    There will be photos of all stages of plant growth including fruit harvest.
    DK at the moment all my chillies are being put onto windowsills every morning and then taken back off at sundown, to stop the plants from getting too leggy (growing too tall due to lack of light) I put them into my bathroom overnight and leave the light on till morning when they go back on the windowsill. Lights in bathroom are low energy LED bulbs I think they are 3 watt, I've never done this before and I'm hoping it will be enough to give them a headstart

  6. mm also want to see when they grow ^^

  7. Excellent! Keep us up to date on what becomes of your possible polytunnel/DIY.. Would love to hear if you come up with anything!

  8. this post makes me hungry, i want some salsa with chips

  9. I'm glad I subscribed then. I really would like to grow chilies some day. home made Salsa is the best. Already know how to grow tomatoes :D

  10. @littledinobug Chillies are pretty much the same to grow as tomatoes, last year I grew both tomatoes & chillies in the same poly tunnel, only real difference is that the super hots and a few others(Capsicum Chinese's) need a higher temperature to germinate and are a lot slower growing.
    Pimentos de padrons & Jalapeño caldero are very similar to grow as tomatoes, you could grow them alongside each other with a few herbs and then you can make your own Salsa :)

  11. Nice stuff. Can't wait to see how they grow.