Thursday, 10 February 2011

Chilli Seedlings

Thought it might be time for an update as alot of the seedlings are starting to get their first true leaves.
I Didn't really want to flood the blog with photos every week so have waited until most of the seeds I planted have germinated and grown on a bit.
As expected the Padrons & Jalpenos are growing the fastest at the moment. Germinating seeds are left in their propergators with the lids on on our heated tiled floor in the bathroom at around 38c, the soil temp inside the props is reading at about 28c.Once the seeds have germinated they are taken out and are put on the widowsill every morning and left there throughout the day until sundown, then they are put back in the bathroom & the bathroom lights are left on until the morning when the plants go back out to the windowsill. Thats their daily cycle at the moment.

Plant count today is as follows:
10 Apricot
11 Trinity
9 Orange Habanero
5 Aji Limo
14 Dorset Naga
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  1. Nice looking plants.

  2. those habeneros are gonna be awesome. you should post what dish you use them for.

  3. They're growing, they're growing! :D Keep us updated! Even if I'm your only audience...LOL

  4. Nice man, I'm not a huge fan of chilis spice isn't nice to me :)

    Hopefully it's all well!